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Top Customer Service Attributes That Famous Brands Are Using To Win-Over Customers

by Paul Herdman2017-05-02 15:58:39

There is a simple fact. If you have something to sell, you will need a buyer. But if you have more than one thing to sell, you are going to need that buyer to come again and bring another buyer with him. Or as we know it in today’s economy: retention of a customer. How […]


Build Towards a Primary Customer Care Service, One Email At a Time

by Paul Herdman2016-12-22 15:43:15

9 Suggestions to Enrich Your Traditional Customer Email Service What is Email Customer Support? Email is the electronic letter all businesses receive en masse every day. Most of these email are queries from client’s pre, post and during order process. So here is the situation which usually enfolds; an individual customer only writes one email […]


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