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Top Customer Service Attributes That Famous Brands Are Using To Win-Over Customers

by Paul Herdman2017-05-02 15:58:39

There is a simple fact. If you have something to sell, you will need a buyer. But if you have more than one thing to sell, you are going to need that buyer to come again and bring another buyer with him. Or as we know it in today’s economy: retention of a customer. How […]


“Emenac Call Center Services” Where Businesses Blossom

by Paul Herdman2016-11-04 13:28:52

Business trends have evolved in the past years as people only purchase a certain product after doing proper research. We, at Emenac Call Center Services happens to specialize in spreading the word for you. Our agents are masters at their job and help make your online visitors engaged and well-informed through quick, appropriate and expedient […]


Difference between a Call Center and Customer Service

by Paul Herdman2016-10-03 10:02:42

Introductory! The Verbal Meaning Customer Service: The Customer Service Can Be Defined In the Following Words    A customer service is usually an inbound setting that is mainly focused on receiving calls and solving problems and queries. Since there are not many agents available, the available representatives are trained to handle multiple scenarios until they […]


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