Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support

15 Tips to improve your Live-Chat Support Services:

If you are questioning the usability of live chat support service for your online ecommerce business i.e. website, here is a fact for you:

99% of the first time website visitors are not ready to make purchase, and around 70% of the customers are known to abandon their interest in a product simply because they had a question that the product or service based website failed to answer.

Live chat is a prominent non-voice customer support service tool and a preferred channel of a big target market chunk.

Yes these facts should cover the WHY part of good live chat support services, not let’s get to HOW part:


  1. Pre-chat survey:

Extraction of preliminary details pre-chat is a good tool. It helps you fashion the customer service according to you visitor’s interest. A survey can ask for a name and a general selection of key products/service that s/he is interested in. This information will speed up the service deliverance, as you can sort for specific deals.

  1. Greet with a scripted message:

In many places a canned message is annoying but as a manner of greeting in live chat support it is rather useful because it would take time to type individual response and it is encouraged that a chat window should pop up as soon as a potential customer visits your website.

  1. Introduce Yourself:

People like to interact with people more than a machine and it is also true that names can create mental images. So when you greet a customer and give them your name, they immediately make up a mental picture of you and it can ease the interaction by building rapport.

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  1. Keep the interaction Honest:

Do not make false promise on live-chat because it would lead to destroyed good-will. Promise what you can deliver. Because deceiving people into believing you are offering something that you actually aren’t, and in today’s social media generation? It will be a PR nightmare, and as we all have heard; it take 12 positive experiences to cover up a negative one.

  1. Use Positive/Humorous Tone:

While providing live chat support, suppose you encounter a situation in which you cannot accommodate a customer, tell them the truth. But also emphasize on alternatives. Focus on what you CAN do, instead of what you CANT do. Keep the interaction lively and upbeat, have a sense of humor.

  1. Be fast, use the typing indicator

One of the primary reason a customer reaches you through live chat is because s/he wants hasty response. live chat support service is considered as the most fastest way to get answered.They ask you a quick question so they want quick answer. A typing indicator will give an agent no insight into the customer’s mind but rather show what the customer is typing so that the agent might type the response faster.

  1. ELI5

A live chat support agent should always remember that just because s/he is handing out the same information over and over again, they can downplay it or assume that everyone knows it now. Explain everything as simply and as wholesomely as you can. Use ELI5, explaining things like you would to a five year old, define every feature and policy.


  1. Add links instead of detailing in live-chat

When you are providing live chat support, be sure to keep your response concise. If the detail is lengthy or the images are more than three, add links because than customer will not have to scroll back and forth.

  1. Chat-Transfer

As a live-support agent it’s okay to transfer the chat to another agent if you do not know the answer because it will not annoy a customer who just wants a fast answer. This practice of rerouting is avoided in customer support but for a live chat response it is recommended to transfer chat for quicker guidance.


  1. Email the copy of transcript:

For future review of the information that has been discussed in the chat, at the conclusion of interaction the live chat agent can offer an email transcript copy of the entire interaction. Because most people forget the interaction and do not bother to re-ask the questions should their interest sparks at a later time.

  1. End the chat on a positive note:

When reached the end of your live chat conversation, ensure that you end the conversation by expressing gratitude and asking your customers if they need assistance with any other product/service. Tell them to come look you up again if they have further queries.

  1. Save Common Replies

If as a live chat support agent you find that some queries are more common and frequent than other you should save those for immediate response. It will hasten the chat process and you will not have to type same thing over and over again.

  1. Use saved transcripts to add to your FAQ database

You can also save those common interaction to add to the FAQs database. This will give the customer a chance to familiarize him/herself with your brand before s/he reaches out and could decide if you are providing what s/he is looking for or not.

  1. Integrate live chat with customer service UI

Your customer service model should be integrated, so that every agent has every information that s/he needs instantly, instead of having to ask the customer same questions over and over again. You can also keep profiles on customers and mark their buying patterns for cross & upselling.

  1. Arrange Periodical Meetings:

Periodical meeting with live-chat support agent will improve their progress. As they will come together and brain storm creative interaction ideas, common challenges will be discussed and also it will give them more in-depth knowledge of the brand and its products.

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