Phone Answering

Phone Answering

Helping Hand For The Organizations To Manage The Sales On Phone Around The Clock

Businesses have a great value of phone calls which play a vital role in all the activities related to customers. The phone answering services provide maximum support to all the organizations through proper and prompt handling of all calls by well-trained, highly professional agents. These agents present your business image in a superior way to facilitate them which means they know about the industry, the accent of the particular country and the features of the product.

We offer world class answering services where there will be no more dropped calls.  We assure you that we do not leave any call in any case. With a true presence from one part of the world to the other, we deal all types of professional fields and industries through our multilingual services. We help all types of business entities to build up business through great phone answering services and take the businesses at peak.

We offer the following benefits of phone answering service to our valuable clients:


  • No missed calls again in our inbound services
  • 100% professional and customer friendly attitude of the agents
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fully customized scripts for all types of businesses
  • Unique virtual assistance
  • Additional Lines
  • Multilingual Services available
  • Lowest Abandoned Rate
  • Agents Occupancy Level up to 80%
  • Improved Service Level up to 85%
  • Experienced and skilled Professional team
  • 5/5 Voice Quality Monitoring
  • Sales Conversion rate is at 31%
  • After Call Work at a good rate
  • Regular Training Sessions of the Agents

Our  Phone Answering Services for all Businesses “Best Solutions for Small Businesses”

banner_02We offer phone answering services by utilizing all our efforts to take calls of all types and messages. We also arrange appointments through our virtual receptionists, take and transfer messages and answer frequently asked questions. We also manage to provide the detailed outcome of the telephone calls to our clients through SMS and emails.

Let us show your business the big picture by engaging customers around the clock.Our services are available 24/7 with total customization of the scripts which keep the brand integrity tightened.

Our phone answering services provide you the opportunity to take an edge over the competitors by giving them the maximum options to keep in contact with you. Our platform also arranges rich analytics in which we provide you all the details of inbound calls for your future decisions regarding feedback and suggestions.


We feel pride that we are offering the best quality phone answering services in the region.

We offer the simplest way of call handling to our valuable clients with the following facilities:

Most powerful and easy to use call center software as well as agents are available to make lots of list based outboundinbound calls and appointment settings

  1. Lowest Response Time
  2. The True Representation of your business over phone
  3. Seamless Call handling services
  4. Customizable phone support
  5. Unified Communication Model
  6. Creation of First Business Impression
  7. The Efforts for protecting the customers on behalf of you
  8. Live and Friendly answers of customers’ calls
  9. Break Free Customer support
  10. Creation of Long Term relations with your customers


“Emenac Call Center Services” A knowledgeable, friendly and professional voice of your business