What can be done through offering a clear voice quality while answering a customer phone call?

Whenever we are up to support and assist any customer via phone call, voice quality matters like anything because its, only your voice that will be working as communication medium to impress, to help, to entertain, and even to convince your listener. Now the point is

  1. How to control voice quality when the weather condition is not in your favor?
  2. How to deliver best customer experience when your phone lines are disturbed?
  3. How to be more clear, more nice and polite while handling any call, yes customer is on your phone ?

Here Emenac call center services offers some solutions to make help desk support services more effective, clear and qualitative.

Voice Quality Control Systems in VoIP:

It refers to the complete VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony network, but more especially to the performance that its network users experience.

Emenac Call Center Services recognizes that the key factor that fuels the decision to move form a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to a VoIP service, is to improve the quality of call for a better customer experience. It even surpasses budget concerns. Companies tend not to trust VoIP over PSTN without a promise of enhanced quality, even after VoIP’s advancement from a mere voice replacement of PSTN, to a superior network with added benefits of uninterrupted integrate voice, video and data.

Here we will discuss top 5 VoIP call quality influential factors our agents encounter and how we overcame them:

  1. Jitter
  2. Latency
  3. Poor Internet Connection
  4. Inadequate Router
  5. Improperly Configured Network

Reasons behind call quality drops and how we prevent it:

Voice packets that travel over web channels can be damaged by a number of things from point A to B and can hinder voice clarity.  Both Human and tech resource performance can be limited due to a number of factors over internet. Our agents are dependent upon accessibility and constancy of service, delays and user profiles. Our technical factors rely upon factors like steadfastness, measurability, effectiveness, grade of service and upkeep.

Following are the most common factors that have power over the performance of VoIP service. Our agents have devised these simple solution for seamless call quality:

  1. Jitter

Problem: It is a common enough issue in communication world, including internet or any other packet switching networks. All the voice data is broken in packets, now these packets can travel over wrong channels and reach on wrong times to a disrupted order causing audio to scramble and call quality to drop.

Fix: Emenac Call Center Services’ agents deploy jitter buffers to temporarily hold the arriving packets in the network to minimize any delay deviations. Our additional protocols restore call quality by ranking all packets in ordered isochronous state.

  1. Latency

Problem: The arrival of every voice packet can be delayed because of either long queue or indirect routes to avoid overcrowding. Too much latency can destroy the usability of apps like VoIP or video conferencing.

Fix: To avoid jitter or latency, wee prioritize the VoIP traffic over the network. To accomplish such orientation, these techniques are mostly used by our agents:

  • Policy-based Management
  • Bandwidth Reservation
  • Types & Class of Service
  • MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)
  1. Poor Internet Connection

Problem: Majority of internet Service Providers have web surfing setups instead of VoIP. These providers are ill-equipped for additional Internet Protocols that are required for transmission of voice-packets.

Fix: Emenac Call Center Services’ have engaged a reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider) that can guarantee call quality through a-class, full speed internet service.

  1. Inadequate Router

Problem: Cheap routers cannot handle VoIP services effectively and routers are essential link to all VoIP developments.

Fix: Our agents use a specialized VoIP router. Because our router is able to prioritize traffic, our agents can use one internet connection for both voice and data in small enterprises as per your functional requirement. Our VoIP router won’t let the voice quality drop if another user is downloading a large file, a risk that you take with ordinary internet connections.

  1. Improperly Configured Network

Problem: Call Quality suffers due to improper configuration of network to organize VoIP traffic.

Fix: With Emenac Call Center Services you do not have to worry about that. Our agents ensure that VoIP enabled router is rightly configured to avoid inconveniences.

Our Action Strategy:

While designing a network to support voice traffic, we have many additional considerations on our mind because our aim is provide highest call quality possible. The first step we take is to find the excellent router that can prioritize voice traffic over menial data traffic, like downloads.

  1. For that purpose we check expert reviews on routers for info on configuration and QoS (Quality of Service Settings).
  2. We also have secured enviable bandwidth. A high speed internet service strengthens voice quality. We use a high speed DSL, cable/fiber-optic connection with dedicated upload and download bandwidth for voice of 90Kbps and higher for each voice line.

We believe that to achieve noteworthy call quality you, your vendor, your VoIP provider and high speed internet needs to constantly employ call quality techniques and disciplines. Emenac Call Center Services can offer VoIP service extension to your organization over our present connection & equipment or we can upgrade to suit your business operation