Build Towards a Primary Customer Care Service, One Email At a Time

9 Suggestions to Enrich Your Traditional Customer Email Service

What is Email Customer Support?

Email is the electronic letter all businesses receive en masse every day. Most of these email are queries from client’s pre, post and during order process. So here is the situation which usually enfolds; an individual customer only writes one email per day in hopes of getting addressed but to a company now, emails come in a bulk everyday so responding them soon becomes a tedious task and the responses get more and more drab with every reply.

This situation can cost you profits, customers and brand image so it needs to be annihilated. Here a check list of all the 9 essentials that would improve your email customer support services.

Greet customers by their names

Email is dry text and it doesn’t give you much space to build a rapport. In black and white, what you can do is call the customer by name. Names have power, people respond to their names instinctively and when you greet them with their given name, without even any conscious effort on their part they feel like their queries are important to the company.

Give your own introduction

Email Marketing - Help your customers to find your new updates
Email Marketing – Help your customers to find your new updates in their inbox

Email Marketing Help you Introduce yourself, your company, your product and your Offers Openly

When you know customer’s name, it’s only logical to give your own to the customer so s/he can make a mental image of the person responding. People usually have mental pictures that go with random names. Customers are smarter these days, if they are being waved off by an automated system, they appreciate a personal approach.

Thank the customer for their time

Out of all your customers, only a few take time to actually get back to you with their complaints, most of them will just spread the word in society and abandon your brand with company being none the wiser. You should thank the ones who got back as they are giving you a chance to make up to them. Do that and then a little more! You have the chance to turn the customer around.


Usage of pre-scripted responses

They are huge time savers as it is more than likely for a company to receive similar queries from different clients. But there is a catch, you still need to modify them for the recipients of respective responses, keep the tone of email in harmony with that of initial email language.

Be detailed but in a simpler tongue

Have you heard the expression; explain like I am five years old? This expression should be kept in mind while answering more technical queries. You are well versed in the mechanics of the products/service you are associated with but your clients are not. It could be confusing to them or they might misinterpret the information n so keep the language simplified.

email-marketing-servicesWhich news to give first? Good or Bad?

Surveys have shown that for you to deliver the news you need to first analyze what you want your customer to do?

If you want them to feel good, you should tell them bad news first as it will give customer the feeling of being rescued, but if you want them to act you should deliver the good news first. It will set the mood to change the bad part of the news.

Add links of details for convenience

You want to keep the response short because a lengthy email is not one, people read carefully, they just get annoyed with the length and move on. But is you feel like an issue needs more info, just add links for user convenience, if they wish they can get to the full depth of the knowledge.

Tone of the Email

This is a much debated topic. Whether to be casual or to be formal? There are pro and cons to both so the question one needs to ask is what does one have to say to the customer. If it is a casual query keep the response casual, if you have a good news to deliver its okay to use emoticons and a cheerful approach. But when you are dealing with a serious issue, and you have bad news, make sure to write the email in a reserved, straight forward and formal tone.

Use positive language & show results

Focus on what you can do for the customer, instead of what you can’t do for the customer. Also, when a customer poses a request try and be prompt in your response. You don’t want to have customer contacting again and again to check the status on his/her query. Set on a date and deliver your promise.

Challenges Obstructing In-House Email Support:

As an entrepreneur you might be thinking that your in-house staff might be the better option to manage your inbox handling but that that might not be true. An in-house reception is not as focused on the customer service as you would have liked. Responding to emails require a whole process sometimes, that your staff doesn’t simply have time for. An email might require:

  • Recording and redirecting the query to relevant department
  • All mails are entitled to be filed as a record document
  • Response that require referral to previous files of the customer’s order history and identification in addition to the company’s own documents.
  • Creation of a proper template and adapting it to the customer’s needs.

Outsource Your Email Support to Emenac Call Center Services to ace your Customer Care Objectives

Outsource Email Support to Professional Email Marketers for Better Response

professional email marketing and support servicea

When it comes to outsourcing your email customer support, you must be cautious. Customer Contact Service providers aren’t always what they claim to be. Besides, your business deserve a customized business plan that should be able to attend all of YOUR customer concerns to a mutually beneficial solution. Teaming up with Emenac Call Center Services could prove to be the salvation for overflowing, messed up inbox. We understand customers and their patterns which is why we provide unique solutions to each individual customer, making him/her fall in love with you.

Quicker Response Time

Emenac Call Center Services ensures that not one of your customers need to inquire the status on his query which is considered a customer support failure by us. We manage efficient and quick response service for your clients to stay satisfied with your brand.


email support services -afterorder email support services
Email Support Services -after-order email support services

Tactical Issue-Handling

At Emenac Call Center Services, when a customer reports a problem, our response team try to think from the customer’s mind frame to assess what a customer would have liked us to do with his/her problem and try to satisfy him/her and then add a little something to come as an unexpected surprise.

Around the Clock Access

Our customer support through email will always be promptly available during all hours of day & night, seasonal interchange and festivities. We believe that constant accessibility is key factor in winning over the customers.

Data cataloguing & Backup

All your email are sorted into relevant categories for future references. We make sure that these records are readily accessible for any review needs. We keep multiple data copies as to avoid any data loss and preserve it against any leaks.


send-your-emails-for-higher-responsePeriodical Service Intelligence

As per your company’s demands, we can send reports and all gathered information extracted from your clients for your processing at the time you specify. We implement our own metrics to measure the response team’s performance and if you like, you can go through those records as well.

Analysis of Customer Queries

We check all the queries to look for patterns in the customers, their buying behavior, what they might appreciate, and if they are looking for technical support or solutions for the product or services they have bought from the company recently. what can we add, what is currently popular and trending in market. We make our feasible suggestions that you can implement to enhance your brand image.

Professional Data Transmission

Email Support Services has become the most primary function for data transmission in companies, they not only send their data, work reports, financial reports, customer reorder email, they develop a customer relation through better communication which can be in sequential ways for long. Many companies outsource their non-voice customer support services to professional customer care agents and email support plus marketers.